Saving Energy

Ever wondered how induction lighting saves energy? How is it that an 200 watt induction lighting system can replace a 400 watt metal halide lighting system perform better and save energy? What is pupil lumen: How people see and are

Choosing Lights

Higher Lighting helps customers choose the correct lighting fixtures and save energy. A professional lighting designer can assure long-term cost-savings in terms of equipment, operations and aesthetics. Equipment Cost Control A lighting designer provides a design to meet your budget

Reinventing Agriculture

What is sustainable food production? Advances in agricultural science and technology have contributed to remarkable increases in food production since the mid-twentieth century. Global agriculture has grown 2.5–3 times over the last 50 years. This has let food production keep pace with

Our grow lights yield 25% more while using 50% less energy

and are being manufactured in the USA. Start saving time and energy today.

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What Type Of Lighting Do You Need?

How Can We Save You Money?

Control Equipment Costs

A lighting designer provides a design to meet your budget and assists in establishing a budget when unknown. The lighting designer will select equipment from numerous manufacturers to help keep bids competitive while recommending lighting equipment and techniques to reduce

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Why Choose Us?

GLOBAL LIGHTING SOLUTIONS is locally owned and operated. We specialize in providing the most efficient lighting solutions for pole, street, and parking lot applications. We carry new fixtures and ballast retrofits in induction lighting and LED.

Only purchase what you need.

What Makes Us Different?

Lighting Affects Sales

The quality of light affects people costs. New studies are demonstrating the effects of lighting on retail sales, office productivity, and the ability to attract people to commercial downtown districts after dark. Lighting designers are keenly aware of these issues, as well as the techniques recommended for achieving positive results.

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Utility rebates available in most states. Find out how you can recoup

the monies spent on your new lights.

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What About Lighting Standards?