10 Reasons Our Grow Lights Are Better

  1. Increased revenue
  2. Decreased power input requirements
  3. Cooling and power costs cut in half
  4. Half as many fixtures required for same plants surface area
  5. No need for additional cooling fans or separating ballasts
  6. Bulbs and ballasts are easily replaced without dismantling of unit
  7. Carrying handles and hooks for easy transport and hanging
  8. PPFD readings are the highest in the industry measuring 1500 to 1700 depending on bulb and ballasts choices
  9. Various bulb and wattage choices with standard 2 bulb 48 x 36 inch fixtures
  10. Utility rebates available for wattage reductions and more applications pending

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The newest and most revolutionary horticultural fixture…

Our lights boast the highest PPFD readings for all indoor plant species in the indoor grow industry

10 Year Warranty

Our induction lights come with a ten year warranty. Due to improved ballast technology the likelihood of ballast or bulb failure or lumen depreciation of power are virtually eliminated. The light distribution from the 36 inch and 48 inch long fixtures cuts the number of required fixtures over the same square footage of plant surface in half.

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The Benefits of Induction Lighting for Indoor Growing

  1. Cutting power and cooling cost in half
  2. Doubling production yield revenue
  3. NO bulb replacement or rotation required
  4. NO cooling fans or separated ballast location requirements


All bulbs are individually switched on unit with 6 foot power cord’s 220 volt plug.
ROI 5 to 6 months or less based on generate advantages that included